Premium Silicone Baby Bibs with Latest Nano Hybrid Technology - 4 Styl

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Premium Silicone Baby Bibs with Latest Nano Hybrid Technology - 4 Styles

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Teresa W.
Very convenient

Easy to fasten on and sits perfectly on my nieces neck and catches all the falling bits of food!!

Lupita A.
So practical for daily feedings

They get clean in seconds and catch most of the food my one year old twins don’t get in their mouths. Much better quality than others we’ve tried and they have held up really well

Keith W.

Got it as a joke for a friends baby shower and they ending up loving it

Christine A.
Just right

I have similar bibs I got from Target. The pocket on those isn’t as deep and the material isn’t as nice. I use this one almost every single time, because it’s just so much better quality than the others.

James H.

I love penguins and when I saw this I knew I had to get it! My wife was not surprised but she likes the bib pocket design for weaning

BPA, Phthalate, Latex, Lead & Neurotoxins Free

Easy Clean, Durable and Wipe-able Nano Silicone Baby Bibs in 4 Styles:
  • NEURO TOXINS FREE - WHICH CAUSE LEARNING DISABILITIES - Not all silicone bibs are created equally that is why Baby Lamby Silicone Bibs are not only better option than any plastic or rubber bib most of which release toxins into air and could be very harmful to the whole family especially to small child's cognitive development, but also Baby Lamby Bibs are better than any other silicone bib due to being non-toxic, mold resistant, and allergens free thanks to the Nano hybrid technology.
  • EXTRA COMFORTABLE DESIGN AND GENEROUS SIZING - Especially designed Baby Lamby Silicone Bibs offer ergonomically designed adjustable fasteners, making sure fasten strong yet not get torn and unlike string bibs weight of the Baby Lamby Bib is distributed evenly on the Baby's shoulders instead of the Baby's neck while feeding. Baby Lamby Bibs are also generous in sizing (11.8 x 9.5 inches) which allows comfortable fit for long while the Baby is growing.
  • OPEN POCKET CRUMB CATCHER - Baby Lamby Silicone Bibs come with especially designed kid-friendly deep pouch which is perfect to catch crumbs while child is eating or for walker age toddlers to carry around snacks, it is perfect for small fingers to keep snacking on the go. While these Bibs are healthy choice for babies these are easy to maintain for moms as they are easy to wipe-clean, are washable, dishwasher-safe and fade-resistant.
  • 4 CUTE DESIGNS IN GIFT BOX PACKAGING - Attractive kid friendly designs, Baby Lamby Bibs come in 4 cute Patent (pending) non-toxic prints; individually packed in a beautiful gift box which makes them perfect gifts for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas or any other day, it is a perfect Baby present which mommies love to receive.