Dual Insulation Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Baby Lamby

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Innovative design with dual insulation makes sure warm drinks stay warm and cold drinks stay cold for hours. With baby Lamby Stainless Steel Baby Bottle there is no need to carry around bottle warmers as this is a perfect companion for a long trip or a restful night's sleep. Just get the bottle ready before bed and hours later it will be still warm and ready to feed your baby, or make the day's batch ahead in multiple bottles to earn some much deserved "me" time.  

There is no more plastic waste, no more landfills and no more threat to your baby's future by the vulnerable environment. We make sure our products are as responsible as these are useful for a better today and great tomorrow.      


Capacity: 9 oz.

Nipple Type: Natural Form Silicone/Standard size

Washing Instructions: Dishwasher Safe, Hand-wash recommended for thorough cleaning. 

Special Notes: Never use too warm/hot fluids with this bottle. Please check and follow the instructions on the box.