Power Bank 30000 mAh Non-Slip Portable Charger

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High speed charging power bank helps overcome the daily challenges that come with busy schedules and no extra time to recharge devices on the go.

Features Included:

  • Power-Level LED Display - LED battery level indicator is built into the power button to indicate the remaining power capacity, which will avoid the challenges caused by the lack of power nearby and the uncertainty that comes from other power banks with no indicators. The display functions as a charge indicator when recharging; when all the lights stop flashing, the unit is fully recharged. 
  • Multi-Port Input/Output for Maximum High Speed Charging - There are 2 x Input Ports (Micro USB/ USB TYPE-C). No matter which brand of cell phone and it's charging cable is used, charge it with this power bank, the Micro USB or USB-C ports are preferably recommended for fast charging. Attach power bank to charge overnight so it's ready for the next day. With 2 x Output USB Ports, charge 2 devices at the same time such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, mini speakers, bluetooth earphones, handheld game consoles, at the same time. Power bank recharging depends on connected devices and frequency of use.
  • Ultra Sleek Compact Battery Pack Design - Less than 1 inch wide! Comes with a textured slip resistant exterior finish which makes it easy to hold onto when carrying with other belongings. Anti-slip texture provides gripping surface in contrast to regular smooth surface power banks which are prone to falling and breaking easily.  

External Battery Compatible with Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia and more. Comes with power bank charging cable, does not include cables to connect to other devices. The output power is 5V 2A.